a dream

I was in a team to take audit task. we walked to the customer’s office. in a cross street ,I got lost with my team members. I tried to figure out the right direction and to catch them up. I was waking under a viaduct when I receive two messages from xxx. her words displayed on my cellphone in color pink. I was surprised she have changed into this kind of style .anyway, I continued walking in a guessed direction, take a bus or subway.

now, the real thing is my roommate insist keeping the room in a excessive cool temperature. but I already feel like I’m going to catch a cold.

last night,when i was on my bed,wandering.i just felt like i was in a train, lay down on the middle berth. instead of figure out or control my destination, i was trying to fall asleep, lying down peacefully and recollect the days in few years ago,when i was still in school. we went out for a trip after the semester just began. the transportation we used, the landscape we visited and the restaurant where we went for dinner.

last week, I had a week off, didn’t spend a minute to read any books. it makes my schedule becoming more compact. I rewrote it and planed a 20days pressure race. hoping finish the first period in the month.